Uncover hidden opportunities for optimization and save at least 15 % of your operational costs through data-driven workforce management, process management, and automation. Understand your day-to-day operations and drivers of enterprise business costs. Discover how UltimateSuite can help you drive your business.

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Workforce Intelligence 

Analyze your workforce behavior to uncover hidden potential, improve productivity and employee experience, and save on costs.

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Process & Task Improvement

Analyze internal processes and tasks to identify bottlenecks and workarounds in order to create seamless processes and achieve operational excellence.

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Automation & Innovation

Identify opportunities for automation, evaluate the potential business impact of automation, and implement automation or innovations in the most beneficial areas.

Our Products

Achieve operational excellence with  products tailored to your needs.

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Task Mining

Enables you to capture employee interaction data with their workstations to understand how work is being done and analyze how it can be improved for efficiency, productivity and employee & customer experience.

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Robotic Process Automation

Our Python-based UltimateteRPA robots enable you to automate mundane and routine agendas to free your employees for more meaningful and creative work.

About Us

We are a Gartner-recognized Task Mining and RPA vendor from Prague, the Czech Republic. Many years of experience in GUI-based automation allow us to offer our clients and partners solutions that combine the best from both the Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation worlds.

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Our cutting-edge tools help companies increase operational efficiency through data-driven workforce optimization, process optimization and smart automation. Do you want to know more about our services, and/or how we can evaluate your business case for automation? Talk to our team.

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What our clients say

“I find the UltimateSuite Task Mining software very useful for the detailed measurement of sub-processes. It was very interesting to look at the monitored tasks and compare different procedures between users, which I perceive as valuable input for unifying the most effective techniques and designing new processes.”

See the full case study on how Komerční banka uses Task Mining to improve internal business processes and manage performance

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