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                       Startup Network Winner 2023 

Hear it from Our CEO


Robert Samanek, CEO & Founder

At UltimateSuite, we strive to enable organizations to achieve their objectives in organizational productivity. Through the power of automation on the back of our strong Gartner-approved task mining platform, our team is constantly pushing the envelope in a ground-breaking industry. We believe that automation can help employees expand the limits of their creativity, ushering businesses towards operational excellence. We are a lean company, extremely friendly and have an open door policy. We believe in working hard (and smart) while having fun all along.


Task Mining and RPA Strategies
that Provide Instant ROI

Task Mining

Understand individual tasks and identify automation opportunities to save time, resources and money

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Automate manual, repetitive tasks and focus your energy on strategic activities and optimum productivity


Our Customers

Our Journey


The seamless UltimateSuite Task Mining tool, with zero integration requirement, introduced


First set of strategic partners onboarded 


The tool is further finetuned to allow continuous monitoring of business processes and the identification of bottlenecks in routine tasks to deliver significant saving with instant ROI


New capabilities in the areas of automation and process optimization launched and UltimateSuite is established and recognized by Gartner as a leading task mining platform 


UK, European and US market expansion initiated after first investment round closed


Global sales, marketing and product expansion


We triumphed in the Accenture Start-Up Accelerator and shone among 100 startups.


Nomination to Microsoft Founders Hub, which proves our technological potential.

Get to know Our Leaders

Robert 2.jpg

Robert Šamánek

CEO & Founder

Michal Franek 2.jpg

Michal Franek

Chief Product Officer

James Dening.png

James Dening

Executive Chairman

Linda Dumková.jpg

Linda Dumková

HR Manager

Interested in joining
our Team?

Can’t find a free position that fits you? No worries. If you are interested in working with us, contact our HR today and send your CV to:


Build your Career with a Global, Growing Team

Office Locations

Image by Henry Be


Office One

1 Coldbath Square, Farringdon
London, EC1R 5HL

Tel +44 20 8138 0234



1400 112th
Avenue Southeast

Suite 100 - #0455

Bellevue, WA 98004

Tel +1 (888) 241-3078

Image by Rodrigo Ardilha

Prague (HQ)

Antala Staška 510/38
140 00 Prague 4

Czech Republic

Image by Jacob Adamson

Prague (registered office)

K Hradišťátku 807
252 41 Dolní Břežany
Czech Republic

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