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Automated Processes, Productive Workforce

Achieve 30% Improvements in Process Efficiency,
in Minutes

Go beyond process mining to take a deep dive
into individual tasks and uncover the goldmine of automation opportunities. Breeze your way towards operational excellence.

Goodbye Mundane Tasks, Hello Efficiency

Move towards Optimum Productivity, Efficiency, Accuracy and Smarter Work

Replicate human interactions with the power of digital systems and smart bots to perform routine tasks faster with zero error

Build, install and manage software robots on the go. With a few clicks, let your friendly, smart robot quickly scan your screen, navigate your complex processes, automate the right steps and simply get work done. Leverage pre-defined actions and workflows to get started with automation right away!

Increased productivity
RPA will play an important role in process improvement projects. It has the power to enhance workforce productivity by quickly automating repetitive, manual tasks. Technology vendors are increasingly offering RPA as a free
or low-cost feature function capability in their broader offerings. That is a trend that is set to continue. It is the secret sauce to business success.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder at Deep Analysis


Deep Dive into RPA


Case Study

How to optimize back-office processes with Task Mining & RPA


Case Study

How to facilitate the work of personal bankers and enhance the customer experience


Press Release

UltimateSuite Launches Robotic Process Mining for Task Discovery

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