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Gartner® Report: Innovation Insight for Process Mining and Task Mining

Read the Gartner report where UltimateSuite mentioned as a sample vendor.

As organizations mature on their process transformation journeys, it becomes more and more challenging for them to find out improvement opportunities. That’s where Process Mining and Task Mining come to the rescue. But there is still a lot of confusion around tools and technology that enable the discovery of processes, operations, and interactions

You can read this Gartner report to find out more about:


The differences between Process Mining and Task mining and the benefits of each technology


Use cases for these mining technologies, risk associated with them, and driving the success of mining at both the process and task level by combining them.


Recommendations to create continuous visibility and better insights into business operations and to drive adoption. How to move beyond the technology level to ensure business governance over opportunity discovery, architectural choices, and effective change management.

UltimateSuite is mentioned as a sample vendor in the report.

Gartner Innovation Insight for Process Mining and Task Mining,

Marc Kerremans, Tushar Srivastava,10 August 2021.

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