Revolution in business process optimization
UltimateSuite helps companies achieve their objectives in productivity together with adequate levels of automation.

Find out how Task Mining and Robotic Process Automation can help achieving your targets.
What we do
and why it matters
External market conditions often lead organizations to set ambitious targets in increasing productivity without necessarily understanding what is possible. Arbitrary changes that are made thus adversely affect other elements of the business.
Our vision is to help companies achieve their objectives in organization productivity together with adequate levels of automation.

Advanced technology and machine learning allow us to provide inputs for data-driven decisions with minimum effort and in a way that allows sustainability of achieved results.
Business Excellence
Automated Task Mining supports executive leaders driving digital transformation by discovering business cost optimization opportunities that deliver the most value while closing the strategy-to-execution loop.
Understand the details of organization business costs and its drivers.
Identify opportunities for costs optimization and new value creation.
Validate strategy execution by connecting business operating model with real-life data.
Operational Excellence
Team leaders, process analysts and consultants have an opportunity to capture hidden potential, significantly improve efficiency in resource management, and achieve short to mid-terms goals.
Support accountability by providing clear line of sight for metrics and outcomes.
Support people by providing root-cause insight to task execution inefficiencies.
Improve overall efficiency by eliminating non-value creating activities.
Identify task automation opportunities to improve efficiency and quality.
Robotic Process Automation
Among hundreds of varied situations there are many where robotic process automation can help and provide suitable solution of business requirements, either long-term or temporarily.
Business Process Automation
There are many activities executed by business users that are in fact routine tasks without much of added value from humans. Those can often be automated by SW robots eliminating time to complete, error rates and human effort in general.
Data migration
In cases standard migration techniques are not applicable and manual migration becomes an option, SW robots come in handy, for example in situations when you need to replace legacy system with a new one.
System integration
It is always best to integrate two applications in a conceptual way. Long time to complete however do not often comply with business owner needs. RPA might be a good temporary solution in such a case.
Automated testing
Robot can also help execute application regression testing which is often too complex and tedious for business users to perform.