Set-up a Task Mining application to analyze the tasks in your department or company to understand how human resources are employed, and what activities can be optimized or automated.

How does Task Mining work? 

Task Mining process step by step

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1. Business Assessment

The first step in your Task Mining project is to identify the right department and/or task in which the business impact will be worth it. Usually, departments with more routine and high frequent tasks--such as contact centres, back offices, procurement, etc.--are prime candidates. You should have a clear understanding of your selected department and all employees involved before moving to step 2.

2. Deployment

All it takes is 15 minutes to set-up the UltimateSuite solution. There’s no need for any integration with your application portfolio and systems; you just need a dedicated virtual server and end employee workstations.

3. Applying business rules

After deployment, you'll need to do basic housekeeping within the UltimateSuite web app. This step consists of various data privacy measures you need to set up before anything else can be done --business insights, apps categorization, system recognition of different work tasks, initiation of data capture, etc.


4. Data collection

Once you’ve planned your measurement and initiated data capture in your selected department, you’ll see your first insights within 15 minutes. You can start analyzing mid-data collection, but you’ll probably want to continue collecting data for another 1-4 weeks based on task frequency to have enough statistical data for a complete final analysis.


5. Final analysis and measurement evaluation

Now, use business impact quantification to analyze collected data and create a list of inefficiencies and potential improvements. Potential cost savings during pilot projects are estimated to be around 15% of operational costs for any given department with a payback period of 3 months.

What does Deployment look like? 

UltimateSuite Architecture.png

UltimateSuite software is installed on a user’s workstations (either physical workstations or VDI), collects employee interaction data with the application portfolio and continuously sends this data to the data-processing server. UltimateSuite software collects structured data from your Windows OS (no screenshots or videos required) so you'll never have to worry about workstation performance. The software can be installed in bulk within your business and managed via web app.


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