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Activity Mapping Dashboard

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  • The tree maps below are interconnected and allow drilling down through multiple levels of detail.

  • The size of the box indicates the time users spent in the given category.

  • The color shows how many times the given apps were opened by users.

Application category

All employees' activities are distributed into meaningful categories.

Click on the box marked ‘Enterprise Applications’ to see more about what's in this category


This chart shows particular applications where employees spend their time.

Click on 'ERP' to see what sort of activities are related to this app.


Activities include all window names in the selected app that describe what sort of activities users have done in the app.

Click on 'Edit Incoming Invoice - SAP' to see particular interactions on that screen.


These are objects on the screen the employees used and describe

  • what users do

  • how frequently they do it

Drilling down on the box marked ‘Submit’, you can see that the team submits 158 invoices to the approval process every week.


You can further see for each of the employees how much time they spend on the selected activity.


In the same way you can check when this activity was performed.

Enjoy full interactive
Activity Mapping dashboard

Accounts Payable Department Background

The example you are about to discover comes from an Accounts Payable team where interactions with all the resources (Both Enterprise and productivity apps) on users’ workstations were recorded, except for any private user activities (users can select private mode at any time – or apps can be omitted from data capture at project set up).

(Please note the data used within the dashboard is for demonstration purposes only)

Click here for full-screen experience

Performance Management

Task mining is more than just simple an overview of activities. It allows detailed measurement of performance and provides calculation of potential savings even if your current systems does not provide any data.
3D bottleneck.png
Dashboard Computer Mockup.png

Curious how your operations would look like in our dashboard?

UltimateSuite task mining can be deployed in the cloud or ‘on premise’ in as little as an hour and without the need for integration with any other systems.

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