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Apromore Joins Forces with UltimateSuite to drive Process Mining and Task Mining Capabilities

Apromore Joins Forces with UltimateSuite to Combine Best-of-Breed Process Mining and Task Mining Capabilities

Enterprises now have a best-of-breed pathway to extract high-fidelity insights into their end-to-end business processes

Melbourne, Australia and Prague, Czech Republic (6pm AEST/ 9am CEST) – 6 October 2021– Apromore, the leading provider of enterprise-grade and open-source process mining technology, today announced a partnership with UltimateSuite, a leading provider of task mining & RPA solutions. The partnership means that businesses will have more choice when looking for complete solutions to create continuous visibility into business operations using these synergistic approaches. Using task mining and process mining in combination, businesses can holistically optimize their processes both at the level of activity flows and handoffs, and at the level of task execution and workforce coordination. Additionally, the combination of task mining and process mining enables organizations to ensure that robotic process automation (RPA) efforts deliver targeted efficiency enhancements at scale and over the long term. “While RPA technology leads to efficiency gains by automating a wide range of routines, it doesn't answer the question of determining which routines are the best candidates to automate,” commented Marlon Dumas, co-founder and partnerships manager for Apromore. “UltimateSuite is known for being the premier specialized task mining solution. This partnership means that businesses can now acquire a best-of-breed solution that combines process mining and task mining to identify routines that are amenable for optimization and automation, and to analyze the impact of automation on end-to-end business process performance.” The traditional way to identify opportunities for RPA is to map processes and tasks through interviews, walk-throughs, and detailed observation of workers conducting their daily work. These empirical investigations are time-consuming and often not possible with remote work and distributed teams. This inhibits the ability for organizations to scale automation where the number of routines is very high. The combination of task mining and process mining creates a new class of tools, called Robotic Process Mining, that enable enterprises to accelerate the discovery, analysis and impact of automation efforts. Beyond being a compass for effective RPA deployment, process and task mining enable businesses to identify friction points and waste across their business processes, and to implement continuous improvement programs. “Process mining and task mining are a natural fit to develop deep operational excellence across an organization,” said Robert Šamánek, founder and CEO at UltimateSuite. "Apromore’s focus on user-friendly process mining, together with its pipeline of research-led innovations, make them a natural fit for our partnership. Apromore and UltimateSuite share a common commitment to fast time-to-value. Together, our solutions can unlock actionable insights for optimization automation efforts in a matter of weeks, in contrast with alternative heavyweight products that require several months or even years to deliver value.” Apromore’s leading-edge process mining capabilities and ease of use help businesses to look at critical business operations in systems such as SAP, ServiceNow, Oracle, and Dynamics in an unbiased and transparent manner. For more information about Apromore Migration Support, please contact contact-us/

About Apromore​ By providing the finest and most accessible process mining experience, Apromore enables business leaders to quickly visualize their business processes for transformation or optimization. The result of over a decade of extensive research and innovation from leading universities, Apromore is the only organization offering both an open source, community edition as well as an enterprise-grade processing mining solution. For more information and access to the open-source version, please visit

About UltimateSuite​ With unmatched technology and category-defining innovation, UltimateSuite pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with Task Mining and automation. The AI-powered, analyst-validated process and Task Mining leader helps companies boost their operational efficiencies through its suite of data-driven workforce management, process management and automation solutions. Armed with cutting-edge task mining and RPA capabilities, UltimateSuite propels its customers’ digital journey, transforming their businesses into efficiency-driven powerhouses by injecting ROI-proven insights. With a laser-sharp focus on automating manual tasks and enabling productivity improvements, UltimateSuite is trusted by global organizations like Société Générale, Generali, Nielsen, Volkswagen Financial Services, amongst various other companies from across industries for all their automation requirements. For more information visit

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