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Société Générale uses Task Mining to drive productivity and enhance CX

Bank relationship managers play an important role in overall bank customer satisfaction. Société Générale implemented Task Mining to gain better insights into everyday front-office operations, identify unproductive activities more accurately, and measure the actual impacts of its innovation projects.

What was the challange with Société Générale?

Internet and mobile technology have transformed the retail customers' contact with their bank. While standard banking services have moved to the digital world, most customers still prefer branches over digital channels for opening new accounts and complex products (such as loans and mortgages), and more importantly, the branch experience influences customer satisfaction twice more than the online or the mobile channels.

Essential role in the branch experience is played by the bank relationship manager. Société Générale, the seventh-largest bank in Europe, understands this and that is why it has launched a multitude of initiatives aimed at making the bank relationship managers role as uncomplicated by redundant administration or application portfolio delays as possible, allowing them to maximise the amount of quality time spent with their clients. These initiatives have defined improved procedures, streamlined the processes, as well as automated certain tasks using RPA - software robots.


Société Générale group member Komerční banka decided to add Task Mining to its process measurement methods and has chosen UltimateSuite as the platform for their task mining initiatives. Deployment on the server and workstations was taken care of by UltimateSuite solution partner StringData and took about 2 hours to install the software on the bank's workstations and server - the data collection could start almost immediately. Prior to data collection, it was necessary to communicate the goals of the initiative to the managers.

Daniel Žák, Lean Six Sigma Head at Komerční banka comments: “Task mining is definitely a value-added addition to the common process measurement we now use. However, change management is important at the beginning of the measurement, with clear communication and an explanation of what the outputs are about and what the outputs will be used for."

Bank relationship managers acknowledged and praised the initiative, as they have long welcomed efforts to simplify the administrative part of their work, knowing that it will increase the customer experience and improve their overall business performance.

Operational Insights for several company departments

The use of Task Mining as a new source of data and insights into the operations for the purpose of decision-making and evaluation of innovation activities was of particular interest to several company stake-holders, most notably the Lean Team for process automation, Human Resources for employee experience management, and Sales Promotion for branch sales stimulation.

Results of implementing Task Mining

Within three weeks of deployment, Lean Six Sigma Team collected enough data to discover the first insights, conclusions, and answers to their business hypotheses. Managers across the organisation have gained easy access to the data primarily through easy-to-understand business reports - general statistics and visualisations prepared by StringData, tailored to their respective business cases.

“Through UltimateSuite, we can monitor details within applications that may not be visible through other observations. Another indisputable advantage is the size of the sample, compared to its short collection time,” says Daniel Žák.

Task Mining has proven as an unprecedented method of gaining very accurate insights into the actual bank branch processes.

The main benefits of Société Générale implementation of Task Mining software UltimateSuite:

Continuous visibility and source of insights into the front-office operations

UltimateSuite reports are providing competence centers with means to discover, monitor and improve actual processes and thus enhance the front-office operations.

Objective measurement of innovation projects impact on actual processes

Société Générale now can measure the impact of their improvement initiatives more accurately, understand better the actual bottle-necks and shadow processes. More importantly, the bank gained the ability to link digital strategic initiatives to operational data.

The crucial finding was that already implemented projects to optimize workflows on the branch network were not fully utilized and thus didn't generate the expected benefits. For example, Task Mining found out that a large percentage of managers wait for the RPA robot to finish its task instead of using the saved time to further consult client needs and thus failed to create additional business value. This creates newly discovered potential for optimization.

Accurate time requirement measures of tasks and precise identification of unproductive activities

Thanks to UltimateSuite, Société Générale is mapping all the agendas that bank relationship managers deal with and quantifying their time requirements. This leads to better defined procedures and task instructions as well as a tool for benchmarking the branches.

Improvement of bank relationship manager productivity and employee experience

Reports confirmed that bank relationship managers are still burdened by many unproductive activities, some of which were caused by application portfolio delays and/or shadow processes. Thanks to the UltimateSuite, Société Générale is finding out the barriers that make their job more difficult and reduce bankers' employee experience.

With Ultimate Suite’s software, can bankers in Société Générale (member of Societé Génerále) now focus on building customers relationships instead of worrying about their paperwork.


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