Kai Ahrendt and John Giannitsis Strengthen the UltimateSuite, Confirming Commitment to Global Growth

Kai Ahrendt and John Giannitsis Strengthen the UltimateSuite Team, Confirming Commitment to Global Growth

Company doubles-down on expansion plans with two executive appointments and new international offices

Prague, The Czech Republic – November 3rd, 2021 - UltimateSuite, the task mining company, today announced the appointment of Kai Ahrendt as its new Chief Sales Officer (CSO), and John Giannitsis as Senior Vice President of North American Sales. UltimateSuite is starting to realize the global spirit it was founded with in Prague. The Czech startup was launched last year and is already hiring a top sales team with global B2B SaaS and task mining experience. Kai Ahrendt (formerly at UiPath) is the new Chief Sales Officer responsible for the worldwide sales expansion of UltimateSuite and reports directly to the CEO & Founder, Robert Šamánek. UltimateSuite started its global reach of customers with headoffices in the United States with John Giannitsis leading the charge.

Kai Ahrendt has more than 27 years of sales experience. He has held key roles at UiPath, Kronos (now UKG), Electric Cloud (now Cloudbees), Gomez, and Keynote Systems (now part of Dynatrace). Ahrendt has a proven ability to successfully set up, develop, and grow EMEA operations while going above and beyond aggressive sales targets. Thanks to his business experience and ability to create and maintain relationships at all levels, from departmental IT to Executive Suite, Ahrendt has a deep knowledge of the industry and will be able to help managers strengthen their workforces through data-driven decisions. At UltimateSuite, his experience will be invaluable in addressing organizations’ process-related challenges and making task mining a standard solution to change the employee experience based on provided data.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity to make a difference and to accelerate UltimateSuite and its outstanding Task Mining solution to become the global leader in this space. Together, we will impact the employee experience, and I devote my time to drive customer success. I trust that the team can deliver what they promise. I am saying that based on the people and the culture I could already experience during my interviews and interactions with the team,” said Kai Ahrendt, Chief Sales Officer at UltimateSuite.

John Giannitsis is now responsible for UltimateSuite´s expansion efforts into the US market. He will start in November as the new Senior Vice President of North American Sales. Mr Giannitsis has built booming revenue- and customer-focused teams and has helped solve customer challenges at both the Enterprise level and within SMB markets. Rational Software (Now IBM), MKS (Now PTC), Keynote Systems (Now Dynatrace), and, most recently, Electric Cloud (Now Cloudbees)--just to name a few-- experienced significant customer growth during John’s guidance.

Leveraging his operational experience as Chief Revenue Officer at Electric Cloud and his part in driving early-stage technology adoption in the areas of automation and analytics, Mr Giannitsis is uniquely positioned to help UltimateSuite capture the US market with its industry-leading task mining solution. With his proven, repeatable experience in building customer-focused teams along with UltimateSuites industry-leading Task Mining solution, John will be driving operational efficiencies across all vertical markets for enterprises seeking to improve customer interactions, accelerating employee onboarding, identifying system bottlenecks across the enterprise tech stack, and enforcing defined procedures to maximize manpower utilization and reduce customer delays.

“Last year, we were recognized by Gartner as one of the three top-notch market-leading companies in the Task Mining industry. We initially gained experience providing task mining solutions to clients in 2017, before the technology known as “Task Mining”--as the industry refers to it-- was even thought of. We have already validated the use-cases where task mining can be beneficial and have developed and implemented software that helps our clients streamline their operational excellence. With Kai and John joining our growing team, we will now be able to drive customer improvements for a global audience,” said Robert Šamánek, CEO and Founder at UltimateSuite.

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With unmatched technology and category-defining innovation, UltimateSuite pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with Task Mining and automation. The AI-powered, process and task mining company helps companies boost their operational efficiencies through its suite of data-driven workforce management, process management and automation solutions. Endorsed by analysts including the firm Deep Analysis, which named UltimateSuite as a market leader in the Task Mining space, the company is armed with cutting-edge task mining and RPA capabilities which propel its customers’ digital journey, transforming their businesses into efficiency-driven powerhouses by injecting ROI-proven insights. With a laser-sharp focus on automating manual tasks and enabling productivity improvements, UltimateSuite is trusted by global organizations like Société Générale, Generali, Nielsen, Volkswagen Financial Services, amongst various other companies from across industries for all their automation requirements. For more information visit www.ultimatesuite.com or follow @UltimateSuite.

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