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Process & Task Mining usage is on the rise.

As recently reported by ICT Connect Academy more than 50% of Fortune 500 Enterprise companies are already using Process & Task Mining tools to help them improve their business process performance. The likes of L'Oréal, Siemens, and Astra Zeneca, to name a few, are all utilizing this relatively new and disruptive technology to great effect.

They have realized early that, faced with the upcoming challenges of digital transformations, global supply chains, economic instability and changing customer behavior, it is vital for them to understand their key business processes and be able to respond instantly to changes in order to maintain their competitive advantage. A disruptive technology like Task Mining can certainly help them to overcome these challenges.

Until now, Task Mining been thought of as the younger cousin of Process Mining, a theory that is a little unfair as both solutions have very specific and particular uses. An Enterprise grade Task Mining solution can transform a Process Mining tool into something incredibly powerful by giving it the irrefutable, hard data it needs to put process maps into context and provide a solid business case.

Although both technologies can be used in isolation it is recommended to use both where possible to achieve the most value.

More about Task Mining

A complete task mining solution should provide the following features:

  • Task recording

  • Task analysis

  • Context recognition

  • Advanced custom recording

  • Performance management

  • Robotic process mining

  • Reports and analytics

The best Task Mining solutions can provide huge value for modern enterprises, frequently uncovering hidden cost saving opportunities overlooked by Process Mining due to its high level approach. These savings are achieved not just in the area of process/task automation but also by simply increasing overall process efficiency thanks to Task Mining’s ability to find unseen process anomalies.

Take a look at this list and think about how many of these Task Mining benefits apply to your business:

  • Increased process efficiency

  • Better compliance

  • Greater process transparency

  • Identification of process bottlenecks

  • Discovery of inefficiencies in manual work patterns

  • Measuring and optimizing workforce productivity

  • Discovering automation opportunities


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