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UltimateSuite Recognized as a Task Mining Market Leader by Research Firm Deep Analysis

UltimateSuite Recognized as a Task Mining Market Leader by Research Firm Deep Analysis

Company’s Robust Task Mining Tool Named as Best-Used for Long-Term Workplace Analysis

Prague, The Czech RepublicJanuary 20th 2022 – UltimateSuite, the tasking mining company, today announced that it has gained further endorsement for its products and approach as advisory firm Deep Analysis identified the company as a market leader in the Task Mining space, commenting favorably on its highly granular data analysis and visualization capabilities. The company was also regarded as a valuable SaaS offering for continuous business improvement and initiating new automation projects. While Task Mining is a known concept, UltimateSuite’s ability to collect task data and automate the manual analysis processes have been identified as valuable additions that not many other solutions provide.

Deep Analysis also highlighted other differentiators for UltimateSuite including ultra-fine data-capture in a terminal emulator environment, to data-enrichment and pre-processed analysis, and high-versatility of data extrapolation for different use-cases.

“With UltimateSuite, there’s an opportunity to take Task-Mining up to a slightly more strategic level. Not just the numbers, but also the guidance provided could be significant for the industry,” said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, founder of Deep Analysis. “I think you'll find some really interesting patterns and that would take this product to a whole new level, to truly become a business improvement platform.”

Leveraging over 25 years in the IT industry, Pelz-Sharpe has extensive experience advising end-user companies at both the start-up and the enterprise levels, such as at FedEx and IBM. An expert on advising organizations on information management innovation and disruption, Pelz-Sharpe has played a key role in educating the market about process and task automation.

"At UltimateSuite, we help companies accelerate their automation journey and assess innovative projects through our robust Task Mining suite. The recognition by Deep Analysis further validates the capabilities of our solution in enabling enterprises to uncover immense potential in productivity improvements and savings optimization. We provide our customers with greater efficiencies and operational excellence in the years to come,” said Robert Samanek, CEO and Founder at UltimateSuite.

UltimateSuite also has a strong advantage on the back of its intuitive user experience. With no API integration required and a widely accepted and used GUI-based output, the only user input required is to set up data and user anonymization rules to kickstart the Task Mining journey. UltimateSuite then collects and analyzes data in near real-time to identify automation opportunities and present the insights in desired formats.

Deep Analysis identifies its business potential as much more than a simple RPA-implementation; it proposes the best use of the solution as a long-term, continuous analysis tool for workplace optimization.

The solution rightly aims to be the go-to Task Mining tool for analysts and enterprises around the world.

Meet us at OPEX Week: Business Transformation Summit 2022

UltimateSuite is attending the OPEX Business Transformation World Summit running from 31 January – 2 February 2022 in Miami. SVP Sales Americas, John Giannitsis and Chief Product Officer, Michal Franek will be hosting three roundtables on ‘Drawing Actionable Insights with Full Transparency for Business Transformation’ on Tuesday February 1st between 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. To register visit this link or to book a meeting with UltimateSuite at the event email:

About Deep Analysis

Deep Analysis is an advisory firm that helps organizations understand and address the challenges of innovative and disruptive technologies in the enterprise software marketplace. Its work is built on decades of experience in advising and consulting to global technology firms large and small, from IBM, Oracle, and HP to countless start-ups. Led by Alan Pelz-Sharpe, the firm focuses on Information Management and the business application of Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. Deep Analysis recently published the book "Practical Artificial Intelligence: An Enterprise Playbook," co-authored by Alan and Kashyap Kompella, outlining strategies for organizations to avoid pitfalls and successfully deploy AI. Deep Analysis works with technology vendors to improve their understanding and provide actionable guidance on current and future market opportunities. Yet, unlike traditional analyst firms, Deep Analysis takes a buyercentric approach to its research and understands real-world buyer and market needs versus the “echo chamber” of the technology industry.

About UltimateSuite

With unmatched technology and category-defining innovation, UltimateSuite pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with Task Mining and automation. The AI-powered, analyst-validated process and Task Mining leader helps companies boost their operational efficiencies through its suite of data-driven workforce management, process management and automation solutions. Armed with cutting-edge task mining and RPA capabilities, UltimateSuite propels its customers’ digital journey, transforming their businesses into efficiency-driven powerhouses by injecting ROI-proven insights. With a laser-sharp focus on automating manual tasks and enabling productivity improvements, UltimateSuite is trusted by global organizations like Société Générale, Generali, Nielsen, Volkswagen Financial Services, amongst various other companies from across industries for all their automation requirements. For more information visit

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