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Ultra-Fast Deployment

UltimateSuite Task Mining finds process inefficiencies fast, and with minimal fuss

Many process improvement technologies seem to take an age to deploy, are difficult to integrate, use huge amounts of resources, require complex compliance and security protocols to be observed, and, after all that, the ROI takes longer than expected to materialize.

UltimateSuite Task Mining was designed for ultra-fast deployment and does not tend to suffer from these frustrating delays.

Case study: customer PoC requirements:

With the over-riding objective of locating business process inefficiencies accurately, and quickly, providing a fast ROI, our customer also gave us a list of technical criteria to fulfill:

SPEED - A tool that is easy and fast to deploy, preferably on premise.

RESOURCE FRIENDLY - needs minimal (if any) support from IT, and only one analyst to run

projects. No integration with other systems is required!

SECURITY - a tool deployed on site, with data also processed on site. Sensitive data can then be processed with confidence.

EASE OF USE - one analyst can run projects from beginning to end from the outset. The platform’s dashboards are clear and concise.

EASILY INTERPRETED DATA - data is presented through any BI platform in easily readable form, which means that anyone can interpret the data.

SCALABILITY - a tool that can easily be deployed in every department and scaled up as projects demand.

CONTROL - a tool that can be switched on and off as business objectives demand.

WORKFORCE FRIENDLY – employee intimacy is protected because the user can decide and control when the data capture function should be in operation.

To highlight all the above, we have detailed below the project timeline for a client PoC which shows how all the above requirements are indeed easily attainable.

  • Day 1- Kick off meeting with the business - discussed where the tool could be used.

  • Day 2 - First meeting with IT - on-premise deployment requirement specifications - access to the clients on premise data server.

  • Day 3 - Data Processing Engine Server installation - at this time we were granted VPN access to client's environment to assist.

  • Day 4 - Agent installation - agents are installed on 25 workstations for the pilot project.

  • Day 5 - Agents installed on remaining 75 workstations.

  • Day 6 - Project Start - agents start collecting data in Contact Center Outbound team and first data is processed - actionable insights begin to show within 20 minutes.

The brevity of this schedule shows how quickly the entire UltimateSuite solution can be deployed and initiated. With reasonable support from senior management, projects can be up and running in days, not weeks. Obviously, this makes the ‘time to value’ much shorter than is usual with many other similar technologies (e.g. Process Mining).

This particular project was executed through a partner consultancy who during the deployment pre-mapped the business processes, and added business rules settings for the analysis.

It took only 6 working days from initial consultation to the project’s first inception.

If you are considering any kind of process improvement initiative, why don’t you contact us to learn how we can accelerate it?


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