Each employee has a distinctive personality and needs to be approached individually. But how to apply this approach when managing large teams working in remote locations?
Efficiency management for home office and remote locations
UltimateSuite provides detailed insight into activities performed by employees, and enables you both to monitor efficiency of your activities, and to identify bottlenecks down to individual team members. All of this can be often achieved without any modification of IT systems, for example by changing the workflow.
Number of cases executed
A detailed overview specifies the number of cases processed by the employees over selected time periods.
Time of case completion
Time needed by an employee to carry out each type of activity.
Bottlenecks in tasks
Comparison of performance of individual employees enables to identify specific tasks within the process which the employee got stuck in.
A number of administrative activities
A detailed overview specifies time an employee spends on administrative tasks (i.e. beyond his/her primary duties).
Types of administrative activities
Using the overview of used applications and forms specific types of activities can be identified.
Workstation time
Amount of time the user spent at the computer, broken down by a type of activity, such as administrative tasks, process implementation, breaks and more.
Output data example
To enable fast decision making, the first data is available within hours after installation.
Work efficiency
Gathered data for example clearly identify the parts of the day the employees are most efficient in, and when they are engaged in other activities, as well as the number of cases processed during the working hours of a specific day.
Identify bottlenecks
By comparing the time spent on applications and form screens across multiple users, you can easily see which logical step within the activity individual employees got stuck in. This enables you to provide targeted recommenda-tions and save time otherwise spent on workflow analysis etc.
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Benefits of UltimateSuite
UltimateSuite will bring your company
wide array of benefits.
Efficient management
Efficiency applies not only to employees, but also to executives or process analysts. UltimateSuite will provide you with high-quality data necessary for efficient management.
Cost savings represent one of key goals of any optimisation initiative. There are many ways how to achieve them, but not all of them are inherently efficient.
Customer experience
Apart from savings, the optimisation efforts are focused on many other areas, such as request processing time, the speeadup of which has a direct positive impact on customer experience.
What you find in the data is not always predictable. Most likely you will be surprised. But you will surely be able to make the right decisions backed up by relevant data.