Automate repetitive tasks so that your workforce can focus on more meaningful work. What might seem complex at first is actually very simple with our step-by-step guides and easily accessible resources. All it takes is three different components to innovate your enterprise with automation, and you'll see results in no time.

RPA by UltimateSuite

There are three main components to make automation happen:

1. Inspector

Inspector is a tool designed to analyze the graphic interface of the application to be automated. Inspector breaks down the application into objects in a tree and gives each of them descriptive values to find the best combination. It also allows visual elements as an alternative to direct-targeting based on object descriptive values. Inspector generates functions automatically to be used in Python script based on user-defined actions.

2. Scheduler

Scheduler is a scheduling tool used to repeat queues at various user-defined intervals and periods. It allows you to set any recurring frequency (hourly, daily, monthly, business days, etc.), dependencies between processes (script), timeouts for the process (script), as well as importing and exporting scripts between environments.

3. Robot 

Robot is a software robot at the heart of automation that allows you to simulate real user activity in a Microsoft Windows environment. The UltimateRPA robot enables you to control many different types of applications, including SAP, Citrix, Siebel, RDP, Java, or Terminal apps. Based on instructions provided in a Python script, the robot can easily utilize any type of API or database connection side-by-side with GUI-based automation. Python itself enables you to find the most stable and fastest way to automate the process, including easy integration with any ML, NLP, or OCR solution.  Your developers will love the UltimateRPA robot.

Smart license policy with a fast return on investment

This license includes all components for the development and installation of any kind of RPA, such as attended and unattended robots. Simply put, an all-in-one solution.


On top of that, the UltimateRPA pricing strategy allows you to enter the world of RPA easily and with a rapid ROI: all of your investment will be returned with the first automated process.


UltimateRPA is fully documented, and, if your automation requires a special approach, just search our resources to find the right method to manage any particular issue that would normally cause you a huge headache.


If you’re not an RPA expert yet, use our tutorial to get you on track  --or just sign in for on-site training conducted by our experts. Your choice!

Check out the full documentation here .

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