UltimateSuite offers a unique Task Mining solution to help your company achieve operational excellence.

Task Mining by UltimateSuite

The most important and unique capabilities of UltimateSuite's Task Mining solution are:

Structured data

UltimateSuite Task Mining collects structured data on your Windows OS. No screenshots or videos are required. This means we’re able to provide you with more quality data with ultra-precise measurements.

Near-real-time business insights


UltimateSuite Task Mining provides you with near real-time business insights. From the moment we gather information from the user’s workstation, it takes approximately 10 minutes to see it on your dashboard.

Rapid deployment

It only takes 15 minutes to install the UltimateSuite Task Mining solution (both on-premises or VPC).

No integrations necessary

No need to integrate into your enterprise applications or systems. All data is collected directly from user workstations.

Proven to deliver results 

You can expect a 15% increase in efficiency during the pilot project with a payback period of 3 months and an ROI of over 300%.

Both on-premises and cloud deployment


You can have our solution on-premises to meet any IT security standard.

Task pattern recognition

The UltimateSuite Task Mining solution automatically identifies repetitive patterns in the data. So, you’re able to easily teach the system to recognize how specific work routines are executed (tasks and processes). Thanks to Task Mining, you can easily collect statistical data from your teams and get insights into your day-to-day operations.

Employee-centric approach


Task Mining allows you to look at your operations from an employee’s point of view and collect actionable insights previously out of reach.


Manage a custom interface --a web app--and set everything exactly as you see fit. No need for any third party during your Task Mining projects.

Recognized by analysts

UltimateSuite Task Mining has been recognized by Gartner and Forrester. HFS Research has also recognized us as a Hot Vendor.

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