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Process Mining and Task Mining are complementary solutions. However, there are differences between these solutions in terms of overall approach, technical design, and outcome.

Task Mining vs Process Mining

How Task and Process Mining compare:

Process Mining

Process Mining focuses on an end-to-end analysis for any process, such as applying for a mortgage. This process consists of multiple steps  (pre-qualification, application, processing, underwriting, and approval). Process Mining uses logs from enterprise business applications to reassemble each step to show how the whole process works in real-life--not how it's set on paper. Thanks to Process Mining, companies are able to diagnose inefficiencies, analyze end-to-end processes, and optimize their models of operation

Task Mining

Whereas Process Mining focuses on the end-to-end process to identify steps where a company is losing time and money, Task Mining focuses on those particular steps and reconstructs how work is really getting done by connecting employee interaction data with your application portfolio, so you understand the root causes of those inefficiencies. You'll be able to see all the bottlenecks employees face during an average workday and what workarounds they need to apply. With data-driven workforce management, process/task improvement, and smart automation, companies can improve employee experience and efficiency as well as offer their customers more satisfaction.

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