"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results."
Help understand your company and business drivers
Support the discovery of productivity optimization opportunities
Gain reliable information to evaluate benefits and set priorities in change process
Executive leaders who understand the details of the enterprise's business costs have a greater potential to identify opportunities for cost optimization, growth and new value creation.
Marc Kerremans, VP Analyst of Gartner
Business Excellence
Information to back-up your decisions
Know your costs
Great part of organization costs is often related to labor costs that are hard to break down below a team level. This makes nearly impossible to obtain cost of process execution or product servising.

Our automated analysis and dashboards will break down costs to particular action within task execution.
Manage performance
In order to maintain control over your teams you need data that will help you understand how your company executes its business model.

Our bashboards allow different views on different aspects and provide near-on-line insight into your organization.
Set achievable targets
In order to maintain motivation, objectives set to your managers should be realistic and achievable otherwise those will have no effect.

Quick look at our dashboard will give you clear idea about productivity improvement opportunities backed up by real data.
Validate benefits
Changes are approved and prioritized based on benefits they should deliver. However, they are rarely assesed once the change is completed.

The level of detail in our dashboards allows clear-cut confirmation eliminating external factors influencing expected benefit.
Operational Excellence
There are several well-known ways how to to improve productivity. To benefit from them you need to tailor them to specific needs of your team. UltimateSuite provides wide range of information that moves continuous improvement process to unprecedented level.
Improve productivity
General team's productivity is often impacted by amount of executed administrative tasks that should not exceed an acceptable level.

Our dashboards provide information about the scope of such activities along with detail overview of their types so you can standardize them, further optimize or automate.
Enhance working environment
Performance of your employees can be highly affected by working environment. That becomes even more relevant for working from home during pandemic.

We can tell you which employee is adversely affected and needs your support as well as which one handles the situation well.
Provide mentoring
There are many ways how to excecute tasks but not all of them are equally efficient. Some employees also apply workarounds to avoid different obstacles that extend time to complete even more.

Our bottleneck identification dashboard let you identify precisely the specific problematic activity so you can provide your employees with support.
Automate tasks
There are often repetitive activities that could be either automated or entirely eliminated. It is however difficult to identify them among hundreds of diffrent tasks.

Our dashboards let you identify each activity no matter how much time the employee spends on it. Often, the minor tasks can deliver most savings.
Set performance targets
To set the daily performance standard for the team correctly, the manager needs to know the realistic processing times of different activities.

Automated identification of task execution allows to gather the statistical data specifying how different apps are used, and taking into account task complexity variation or seasonal trends.
Provide relevant training
Despite an extensive training it still takes your new employees some time until they realy get up to speed.

Overview of the content consumed i.e. in your knowledge base along with tasks execution overview allows you to understand where the employees are strugling most and what has to be included in an onboarding training.
Assign tasks individually
Each of us has a unique set of skills that are suitable for different kinds of work. That should be taken into account when assigning tasks to your employees.

Our analysis will let you understand how the employees are performing in different activities and whether the tasks assigned to each individual are best fit or not.
Conformance checking
Organizations set work instructions. In practice many of them are complemented by shadow operations, as a result mandatory steps might be neglected.

In our dashboards you will find all activities performed during task execution. It enables you to identify the deviation from set procedures.
Added value for the client
who perform business processes at average labour cost of 40K EUR per employee per year.
after implementation of changes the significant portion of which are soft changes not requiring any IT development.
based on the first 3-week measurement providing almost instant ROI with expected increase over time.

Summary of delivered outcomes
were sufficient to gather significant amount of data and hundreds of task instances for further analysis.
Just optimize
Do not waste time with traditional process analysis approach and endless waiting for changes to be implemented and deployed.
Data gathering
Inputs for your data-driven decisions are generated online without any sort of integration.
Basic overview
In first instance you will gain understanding of your workforce utilization on different tasks.
The level of details in our data allows you to easily tailor optimization to each employee individually.
Optimize efficiently
Bottlenecks that we point at are often easily avoidable without the need to change your applications.
Basic overview
This report provides you with basic information about the tasks your employees are performing and their efficiency. It will also help you define the area where it makes sense to start optimization.
Tasks efficiency
Most probably you can identify high and low performers in your team, but are you able to quantify the difference between them and estimate optimization potential? This report will provide you with efficiency comparison by activity type.
Bottlenecks analysis
Efficiency comparison is good, but what if you were able to recommend to individual members of the team how to execute the tasks more efficiently? It might sound crazy but with UltimateSuite anyone can do it.
Why automated analysis
Bringing a new approach, UltimateSuite shows that higher level of efficiency is achievable much faster and easier then you ever thought.
1-hour installation
With an installation package the deployment and initial configuration does not take more than 1 hour.
No integration
Own data gathering eliminates the need to integrate with client's application portfolio.
Instant outputs
-Outputs with deep insight for further analysis are provided continuously and in a near on-line way.
Automated discovery
Automated Task Mining eliminates the need for manual process mapping and measuring.
Internal data processing
Data are gathered and processed exclusively within a client's infrastructure.
Data privacy
Implemented data minimization measures and features ensure employee's privacy is maintained.
Continuous measurement without user interaction eliminates tendentious behavior and includes seasonal trends.
Bottleneck identification
Gathered data, apart from process duration, contains detailed information about execution methods of individuals, and thus reveals bottlenecks.
HW resources
Apart from user behavior the tool is capable of monitoring workstation's resources utilization.
Multiple data sources
Gathered data can be combined with other data sources allowing comprehensive process analysis.
Multiple users
Ability to change freely the monitored workstations where processes are executed.
Build-in but still variable methodology eliminates the need to define measurements metrics.