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UltimateSuite in Gartner

Last week, when discussing the business process optimization, Gartner mentioned a new term – Task Mining. It pleases us a lot that our UltimateSuite solution was mentioned as a key one in this area.
Though both Task Mining and Process Mining focus on process optimization, each of these techniques offers different insight.

The principle difference lies in the level of detail each technique offers. While Process Mining describes the process as a sequence of consequential activities that are implemented within the company by different departments and spread in a longer time period, Task Mining focuses on individual tasks performed by one specific person in time.

Thanks to Task Mining, the top management gets important information necessary for strategic decision making. For example, it quantifies the cost of administering one specific product or implementing one specific activity. On the operational level, Task Mining helps to understand what tasks should be optimized or automated and in which way. In both cases, Task Mining offers hard data necessary for effective decision making.

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