Utilization of UltimateSuite
The hard data generated by our tool will allow you to make the right decisions in managing your teams.
Optimize by mentoring
Businesses often focus on optimization or process redesign. Nevertheless, there is a lot of room for efficiency gains in the way individual activities are carried out. But how can we find specific bottlenecks efficiently, for example in a team of one hundred employees carrying out dozens of diverse activities?
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Remote site management
Detached workplaces, work from home, or simply large teams where you lose everyday contact with employees – all have become a standard for most companies. But how to optimize or manage efficiency in such an environment?
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Optimalization of administrative activities
Every task entails a certain amount of administration. However, when swamped with administration, the employees run out of concentration, efficiency and morale . But how to you find out how much time the administration takes and what activities are included?
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