Task Mining is software that enables businesses to collect all employee interaction data with their workstations and analyze how all work is done. Thanks to Task Mining, you can identify inefficiencies in workflows, processes, and/or infrastructure to increase operational efficiency and employee experience.

What is Task Mining

“Executive leaders who understand the details of the enterprise's business costs have a greater potential to identify opportunities for cost optimization, growth, and new value creation.”

Marc Kerremans, VP Analyst, Gartner

A few Enterprise Pain Points you can tackle with Task Mining

Task Mining is able to cover typical pain points in areas such as Workforce Management, Process / Task Optimization and Automation & Innovation of Infrastructure.


Typical problems that can be detected and solved through Task Mining include:

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Achieving cost-savings targets

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Identifying areas with the biggest improvement potential

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Making processes more transparent

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New innovations not performing as expected

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Assessing and prioritizing innovation projects

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Low workforce productivity

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Remote employee management

Identifying opportunities for automation

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