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                       Startup Network Winner 2023 

“Here’s To Continuing Innovation In 2024”: UltimateSuite Celebrates Technology Leadership Status

UltimateSuite is thrilled to announce that Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, a leading market research and consulting firm, has recognised UltimateSuite as a technology leader in the SPARK Matrix™ for Task Mining, 2023.

The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™ is renowned for providing competitive analysis and ranking of leading Task Mining vendors. In this year's assessment, UltimateSuite has emerged as a standout performer, demonstrating excellence in technology and customer experience.

Pranjal Singh, Senior Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, was full of praise for UltimateSuite, saying:

"UltimateSuite's task mining solution helps organizations achieve continuous improvement (...) it offers performance management that enables organizations to measure, monitor, and transform their operations, processes, and teams."

Robert Samanek, CEO and founder of UltimateSuite, said of this latest accolade:

"I'm really pleased to have been recognized for the hard work our whole team has put into making UltimateSuite the premier task mining package on the market.

We're constantly working to improve our product and user experience, ensuring that our customers are gaining ever-deepening insights into their employee workflows.

I'm grateful to close out 2023 with this recognition from SPARK Matrix as the technology leader, and here's to continuing innovation in 2024."

For more information about UltimateSuite and their task mining solution, follow this link.

To access the free download of the SPARK Matrix: Task Mining, 2023 report, follow this link.

About UltimateSuite

UltimateSuite is a task mining solution designed to analyze employee workflows at scale. It builds a complex web of anonymized data, allowing firms to visualize workflows and pinpoint inefficiencies with minimal impact on work. UltimateSuite employs Robotic Process Mining (RPM) to identify manual tasks suitable for automation, resulting in increased productivity and a focus on more creative tasks, ultimately driving operational excellence.

About Task Mining

Task mining is a pivotal technique that aids organizations in analyzing and capturing granular, real-time data related to human-computer interactions and business processes. It offers a holistic view of work processes by capturing user activity across various applications and systems. This methodology employs natural language processing (NLP), optical character recognition (OCR), and machine learning algorithms to gather and comprehend user actions, ultimately identifying patterns that lead to process improvement.


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