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Continuous Improvement

Get actionable insights to streamline work and identify automation opportunities

  • Analyze, measure and optimize tasks through rich reports.

  • Map enterprise costs with the key business drivers and ROI to identify value-added tasks and strategies.

Go beyond process mining to take a deep dive into individual tasks and uncover a goldmine of automation opportunities. Breeze your way towards operational excellence

200% ROI and >10% Increased Productivity in
Just 4 Weeks

Optimized Tasks, Increased Productivity

Process Mining is Good, But not Sufficient

Lack of Insights, Repetitive Tasks and Disjointed Processes could be a Nightmare

Random productivity targets and guesswork could lead to major efficiency gaps. With task mining, you can now take confident decisions and leverage the true benefits of automation. 

Taking charge of fixing process deviations is no mean task. If you are looking to gain a competitive edge, it is extremely important to create effective process paths and dive deep into individual tasks to eliminate bottlenecks. With task mining, you can capture and analyze time-consuming, repetitive tasks and identify automation opportunities aplenty. Thus, you can move on to more meaningful, strategic work. 

Multiple process
Limited visibility into tasks
Lesser value-added tasks
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UltimateSuite Recognized as Task Mining Market Leader by Research Firm Deep Analysis

Task Mining for Enhanced Business Value

Go Beyond Process Mining to Achieve True Task Automation and Operational Efficiencies

Performance Management

Measure, monitor and transform organizations, processes and teams

Understand how individual tasks within processes are performed
and analyze them at a granular level - keystrokes, mouse clicks, scrolls, data entries replete with timestamps and detailed screenshots. 


Robotic Process mining

Track every user interaction
and automate repetitive

  • Data-driven decisions: Arm your
    team with the right data to make
    smart decisions.

  • Automation: Automate manual
    tasks, improving overall workforce quality.

  • Value-addition: Free up your
    team’s time and energy to focus
    on value-add, strategic tasks.



Achieve Operational Excellence Through Task Mining



Advantages of Task Mining over Process Mining in process mapping


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Generali uses Task Mining to improve internal business processes and manage performance


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Apromore Joins Forces with UltimateSuite to drive Process Mining and Task Mining Capabilities

Recognized by Analysts

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