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Generali uses Task Mining to improve internal business processes and manage performance

Streamlining operations in insurance.


Generali Česká pojištovna used the UltimateSuite Task Mininq software to create diqital twins of its back office, contact center and claim management department to map the work agenda of more than 500 employees in an effort to drive process optimization and performance. In addition to UltimateSuíte’s Task Mining software, Generali Česká pojištovna also utilizes RPA and artificial intelligence for smart office solutions. The company had originally considered using Process Mining tools before turning to UltimateSuite.


Established 190 years ago, Generali Česká pojištovna is the largest and oldest insurance company in the Czech Republic. It is constantly working to improve its services with smart solutions and technology in order to meet the evolving needs of its more than 4 million customers. In the context of a company with several thousand employees, this also means, to a large extent, streamlining internal operations as well as investing in the optimization and automation of processes using RPA technologies. In order to set up, modify and streamline these processes correctly, it is necessary to map them and continuously measure them.

Process Mininq tools were oriqinally considered. However, the business analysts responsible for this project soon realized that traditional Process Mining was too cumbersome for Generali Česká pojištovna’s needs.

Process Mining would require a lot of assistance from IT departments, internal architects or analysts, who would need to provide the application vendor with logs from the application database and core systems.

The second challenge was the fact that the analysis of data obtained by Process Mining often does not takeplace on-site but rather on the supplier’s servers. An even bigger obstacle was the fact that traditional Process Mining tools do not provide sufficient data granularity for the standardization and creation of processes and cookbooks for bach-office, claims and call-center employees — the primary need of the insurance company.


Project analysts initially needed to verify the compatibility of two different IT approaches — Process Mining or Task Mining — within the Generali Česká pojištovna internal structure before deciding which solution would best meet the company’s needs.

The first steps involved the back office and claim management department. The two most common employee actions were measured: liquidation of life insurance claims and changes in contracts. The pilot project was launched within a matter of days, as Task Mining does not need to be integrated into internal applications. The pilot deployment of UltimateSuite confirmed the business value, so Generali Česká pojištovna chose UltimateSuite as the main tool for collecting data from operations.

The first department that Generali Česká pojištovna decided to fully map was the contact center. This is a very important touchpoint for the client as the contact center directly impacts the customer experience. The contact center employs about 250 people, the goal of the measurement, which lasted six months, was to collect detailed data on how individual processes are implemented in operations across entire teams, departments and locations.

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