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Your Productivity Problems End Here
Let's Talk About Task Mining

If you’re ready to explore how a Task Mining solution like UltimateSuite could transform your business, we’d love to have an exploratory conversation with you to talk you through how it works and how it can drive key performance change in your business.

Stop Stressing, Start Solving


Booking a free call with us will give everything you need to know about task mining.

During those 30 minutes we’ll waste no time in narrowing down your issues to get to the crux of them, and honing in on the perfect solutions for your exact circumstances.

Business Impact Through Data Driven Optimization

What You Will Learn On Our Call Together

Our calls are mapped out to help you to understand the opportunity for your business, pinpoint the areas where task mining can help, and demonstrate our software in action.

Identify The Problem

The first stage of our call will focus on your problem.

We’ll work out exactly what the key issues in your workflow are, so that we can work towards solving them.

Pinpoint Solutions

Now that we know what the issues are, it’s time to look at solutions. 

The second stage is about mapping out the potential routes forward.

Your Tailored Demo

Lastly we will showcase how our software works on the call.

Then we will agree steps to demonstrate our software against the exact problem we discussed on the call.

"UltimateSuite Task Mining gives you very detailed measurements of sub-processes. It's very interesting to look at monitored tasks and compare different procedures between users, which I perceive to be very valuable input for unifying the most effective techniques and designing new processes."

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David Langr,
Process Expert in Komerční Bank

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Let’s Realise Your True Potential
Get In Touch Now!

30 Minute Free Consultation
A no obligation introductory consultation to discover is our solution aligns with your business process improvement objectives. We’re looking forward to speaking to you.

60 Minute Meeting
High level understanding of what you are looking to accomplish and how we align along with a brief overview of the solution and a high level demo.

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